Stainless Steel Flat Head Small Screw

These screws continue to be used by companies big and small for attaching printed circuit boards to frames, nameplates to valve and meter housings, sheet metal assemblies, contract assemblies for telecommunications systems, and countless others.

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Product Details

Stainless steel flat head small screw with nylok patched, which is anti-loose. It can tight well and is hard to be removed.


Product details

ItemStainless steel flat head small screw
SizeM3*3.5 or customized
Raw materialSUS303, SUS304, SUS316 , etc
ThreadFull thraded or OEM
CertificateISO 9001, ISO14001, ROHS, etc
FeatureAnti-slip nylok, high precision, etc
ServiceOEM service
Payment methodT/T, money gram, weston union, etc
MarketAmerica, Europe, Australia, South America, etc

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Stainless steel flat head small screw details

The application range of screws is so wide, so the screw market is definitely large, the demand is definitely relatively large, and there are certainly more screw manufacturers in the screw industry.So to choose good quality products is harder.

When purchasing a professional screw purchaser, the purchasers must first understand some of the professional basic knowledge of the screw, such as the screw classification standard specification and the American standard screw specification table.

nylok patch screw m4 screw stainless steel



The value of the screw is very important. There are examples of the bankruptcy of the car factory due to poor screw quality in the world. There are also examples of aircraft crash and vehicle subversion caused by poor screw quality.

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Production Flow

stainless steel nut bolt screw flat head phillips micro screw


Testing machines-Quadratic measuring instrument

We have kinds of testing machines, here we would like to introduce one of them-the quadratic measuring instrument.

The quadratic measuring instrument is based on the CCD digital imagery and is based on the powerful software capabilities of computer screen measurement technology and spatial geometry computing. After installing the dedicated control and graphic measurement software, the computer becomes the measurement brain with the soul of the software, which is the main body of the whole device.


The quadratic measuring instrument, it can quickly read the displacement value of the optical ruler, and calculate the desired result instantly through the software module based on the space geometry; and generate the graphic on the screen for the operator to compare the image, so that it can be visually distinguished. There may be deviations in the measurement results. 


Why choose us

OEM screw fastener m4 screw machine screw



How can you insure the measurement?

There are size test machines for measurement control, and all of the products are produced by machines.


How do you let me trust you.

We have own import & export right,and have over 10 years of experience. The repair rate and return rate is less than 1%.


What is your packing.

Our packing is Poly bags+carton. It is according to customer’s requirement.


Where is your factory?

Our factory is in Dongguang, but our overseas office is in Shenzhen.


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