M1 Small Long Screw For Watch

Pingood Fasteners carries an extensive selection of pan head screws in various sizes and configurations including stainless steel. Keep reading to learn more or contact a sales representative directly to place an order or request a sample.

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Product Details

M1 small long screw for watch is made from top quality stainless steel. It not only used to watch, but also glasses, sunglasses, toys, and some electronic products. 


Item details

Name M1 small long screw for watch
Specification M1*5.5 or customized
Material available SUS303, SUS304, SUS410, and so on
Tolerance 0.01-0.05mm
Surface Polished
Quality control Raw material inspection, test machines, and QC inspectors
Usage Watch, glasses, toys, and so on
Drive style Cross recessed
Packing way PE bags+carton

customized small micro long screw for watch

m1 micro watch screw small size screwm0.8 small size screw stainless steel screw

M1 small long screw for watch details

Pingood Screw Factory adopts new high-precision imported fastener equipment, famous wire and international leading production technology to produce and sell national standard and non-standard screws. 

m1 stainless steel micro screw flat head



Screws are indispensable industrial essentials in daily life: micro small screws are used to cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, etc.; general screws are used for televisions, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, etc.; for engineering, construction, and bridges, large Screws and nuts will be adapted; traffic appliances, airplanes, trams, cars, etc. are used with both big size and small size of the screws.

m0.8 miniature micro watch screw cross recessed


Production details

m1 watch screw m1 glasses screw


Test step-salt spray test

One of our quality control introduction-salt spray test as below.

The salt spray test chamber uses salt spray corrosion to detect the corrosion resistance of the tested samples.

The salt spray test is an environmental test that uses artificial simulated salt spray environmental conditions created by salt spray test equipment to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials.

The salt spray test standard specifies the salt spray test conditions, such as temperature, humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration and pH value, and also sets technical requirements for the performance of the salt spray test chamber. The methods for determining the salt spray test results include: rating determination method, weighing determination method, corrosion occurrence determination method, and corrosion data statistical analysis method. The products that need to be tested for salt spray are mainly metal products, and the corrosion resistance of the products is examined by inspection.


Our core competitiveness

flat cross recessed small micro screw m0.8 m1



What's your products’ warranty time?

Normally is 12 months. If you want to extend the warranty time, please inform us.


What’s your Delivery Time?

Samples: 7-10days

Non-standard parts: 15-25days

Mass production: 20-40days

We will make the delivery as soon as possible with the guaranteed quality.


Is there any custom service?

Certainly. We produce the goods according to customers' requests.


How is the payment method?

We can receive the money from T/T, Westen Union, Money gram, etc.



The history of screw fasteners:

The first person to describe the spiral was the Greek scientist Archimedes (circa 287 BC - 212 BC). The Archimedes spiral is a huge spiral mounted in a wooden cylinder that lifts water from one level to another and irrigates the field. The true inventor may not be Archimedes himself. Maybe he just described something that already exists. It may have been designed by the craftsmen of ancient Egypt to use the irrigation on both sides of the Nile.

In the Middle Ages, carpenters used wooden nails or metal nails to connect furniture to wooden structures. In the 16th century, nailers began to produce nails with spirals that could connect things more securely. That is a small step from this kind of nail to the screw.

Around 1550 AD, the first metal nuts and bolts that appeared as fasteners in Europe were hand-made on a simple wooden lathe.

Screwdrivers (screws) appeared in London around 1780. Carpenters found that screwing a screw with a screwdriver can fix things better than a hammer, especially when it comes to fine-grained screws.

In 1797, Mozley invented the all-metal precision screw lathe in London. The following year, Wilkinson made a nut and bolt making machine in the United States. Both machines produce universal nuts and bolts. Screws are quite popular as fixed parts because an inexpensive production method has been found at that time.

In 1836, Henry M. Philips applied for a patent for the screw of the Phillips head, which marked a significant advancement in the screw base. Unlike conventional slotted head screws, the Phillips head screw has a Phillips head screw head edge. This design makes the screwdriver automatically centered and not easy to slip off, so it is very popular. Universal nuts and bolts connect the metal parts together, so in the 19th century, the wood used to make the machine building was replaced with metal bolts and nuts.

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