M0.8 M1 M2 M2.5 Micro Screw Black

There are so many more metal or plastic applications where small machine screws or thread-cutting and thread-forming screws are now required.Check our website for more information or contact our sales representatives for samples!

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Product Details

This screw is manufactured by carbon steel with black zinc plating. The size is ranged from M0.8~M2.5, which is small size.

The carbon steel fasteners usually need to be surface treated to increase the anti-coroosion, and ensure the color. It can be zinc plating, nickle plating, copper plating, and so on.


Overall Description:

Name M0.8 M1 M2 M2.5 micro screw black
Size M1*2.5 or OEM
Raw material Carbon steel, etc
Color Black or other color
Feature Anti-slip nylok
Sample Quantity is less than 30,000pcs
Lead time Usually takes 7-10 days for samples
Usage Electronic products, remote control, toys, etc

OEM black carbon steel screw fasteners carbon steel c1022 screw m0.8 micro screw

micro screw m1 customized small size screw


The details of M0.8 M1 M2 M2.5 micro screw black:

The main purpose of screws is to make the industrial products into a fixed unit. In use, it often occurs that the teeth and the teeth cannot be tightly sealed, if the screws are too tightly locked, the screw heads are broken, or the dents are not tightly locked, etc., and the quality is Precision problem. Screws are "quantity products", not hand-made artworks. In mass production, they are supplied to consumers with high-precision and stable quality and popular prices.

small head screw flat head machine screw

M0.8 M1 M2 M2.5 micro screw black Application

Widely usage. The small size screws are usually adapted to electronic products like camera, MP3, MP4, computer, and so on, as well as home appliances, like television, socket, DVD, etc.

custom made torx screw m0.8 m1 m2 m2.5 small size screw



M0.8 M1 M2 M2.5 micro screw black Production Flow

The whole production process is listed below. You can see that it is automatic manufactured. 

small screws metric screws oem screw fasteners


Test equipment-Hardness machines

Introduction of one of our test step-hardness evaluation:

Hardness machine: According to the principle of measuring the hardness of Richter, it is convenient and quick to measure a variety of metal materials. It can display the hardness measurement value at the same time, and can be freely converted between different hardness systems. The tolerance limit can be preset and the alarm will be automatically exceeded. The product integrates with the internationally popular thermal printer and instrument, and has a quiet work and fast printing speed.


Why choose us

m1 m2 screw small size screw for electronic products



Q:Can you provide the sample for free?

A:Yes, we can provide the sample for free if the products are in stock and meet your needs.


Q:How to ensure that our products will not be leaked?

A:We have confidentiality agreements.If you do not want your product to be seen online, we will never make the product overt.


Q:What's your production time?

A:It's depends on your quantity and the complexity of the products. Normally we cost 2-4 weeks.


Q:How do I know the production?

A:We'll always keep you posted. And strict 100% inspection service before shipment is provided for free.

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