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A Man Collected Thousands Of Screws And Made A Beauty
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Screws, I believe that they will not be too strange in everyone's life. We will use the screws in our daily life, and we will see the existence of screws everywhere. But in the eyes of the artist, the screws are more than just screws. It's a magical screw. If you don't believe, check the article below.

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The artist has collected at least thousands of screws. It is completely wierd. His friends and family wonder if he wants to buy it or sell it. Such big quantity of screws take up a lot of space. There is no value for collection at all. The weight of thousands of screws is:

One screw = 20 grams;

20 grams × 10000 = 200000;

500 grams = 1 kg;

200000÷500=400 kg;

What a huge weight! what would it be like in an artist's hand?

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Then the artist started his work on a wall. It was knocking and knocking. He knocked these screws one by one to the wall. Everyone thought that he was a crazy.

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The man is doing his own thing intently. He spends the whole day to knock all these screws on the wall. When everyone saw this wall, they immediately understood the man's intentions. These screws instantly formed a pair of 3D beauty paintings, which looked very amazing.

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