Stainless Steel Torx Flat Head Machine Screw

The official name of plum screw is ISO10664 screw or hexalobular internal, also known as star socket screw. It is a kind of screw fastener developed by Camcar Textron and developed in 1967. . Because Kang Jia's patented product name was Torx, it was also called Torx screw. Torx screws are commonly used in car, motorcycle, bicycle brake systems, hard drives, computer systems and consumer electronics.

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Product Details

According to the design, the protrusion deviation of the torx head screw is better than the Phillips head screw or the slotted screw. The Phillips head screw is designed to deflect the driver projections to prevent over-tightening, while the Torx head screws are designed to prevent the screwdriver driver from deflecting. This design shift is due to the widespread use of automatic torque control screwdrivers used in the factory. Torque control screwdrivers are designed to provide a predetermined amount of torque, rather than relying on the tool to slide out the screw head after reaching a certain torque, risking damage to the tip of the screwdriver, the head of the screw, or even the workpiece.The torx head is designed to withstand higher torques than a typical hex head of similar size without damaging the screw head and/or tool


Overall Description

Product Name Stainless steel torx flat head machine screw
Size M3 or customized
Material Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, or based on customers' request
Color  Customized
Surface treatment Zinc plating, Ni plating, copper plating, etc
Application Building, industry, equipment, etc
Payment T/T, L/C, Western union, Paypal, etc
Place of origin Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Delivery Way By sea, by air, by express service

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Production Flow

zinc plating OEM stainless steel torx flat head machine screw

Our competitiveness

Our partners&certificates

Since our built, we have established a good cooperative business relationship with a variety of known brands all over the world, like HUAWEI, XIAOMI, HP, LENOVO, and so on.

The factory has gained ISO14001 in 2004, and ISO9001 in 2008, and strictly controlled by the ISO quality management system and evironmental management system. And we have updated our certificates so that they will not be invalid. 

We do our utmost to ensure the products and the factory's quality. All of our products are produced based on ISO management system.

high precision stainless steel torx flat head machine screw

Pingood was established in 2005, which has over 10 years of experience manufacturing various high precision fasteners. 

Our company is a professional large-scale producer of all kinds of metal precision parts having about 15,000 square meters. 

From raw material inspection to finished product packaging, we have QC inspectors and test equipments for quality control during the whole process. Moreover, there are R&D team for product integration and logistical team for logistics distribution. So we have the ability for overall solution and ensure the customers' right. Therefore, the products can be prefectly delivered to our customers.


Product diversity:

1. Precise digital electonic screws, and nuts. They are usually used in consumer electronic products, such as cell phone, camera, hard disk, laptop, etc.

2. Multi-position cold heading screws, and nuts. They are commonly used for car seats, auotomotive parts, compressors and other parts.

3. CNC parts are used to mechanical structure as connection position, which are high precision.

China customized stainless steel torx flat head machine screw

Workshop auotomatic machine:

50 sets of CNC lathes

60 sets of Tapping machines

70 sets of Bolt Formers machines

Basically is mechanized production to make sure the on-time delivery.


Our test equipment:

The finished products will be examined by our test machines. 

For size test, there are EDXRF spectrometer and CCD selecting machines. 

For 3 dimensions, there are video measuring system, three coordinate measuring machines, and microscopes. 

ROHS test machines and CCD selecting machines will test pollution element. 

Hardness test machines will evaluate the hardness, and torsional force test equipment will check the torsion. 



1. QC inspectors will sort the finished products and pack them.

2. A certain quantity of products will be packed in polybags.

3. PE bags with finished products will be carton packing.

4. Cartons will be packed on pallet.

5. Loading the goods and deliver them.


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Tel/whatsapp/wechat: +86 13662583015

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