M3 M4 M5 Torx Head Anodized Screw

The torx design is closer to 90 degrees than the hexagonal contact angle, so at the same torque, the potentially damaging radial force is much smaller. This feature allows the screw head to be made smaller at the same torque, with the advantage of reduced space.

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Product Details

The official name of plum screw is ISO10664 screw or hexalobular internal, also known as star socket screw. It is a kind of screw fastener developed by Camcar Textron and developed in 1967. . Because Kang Jia's patented product name was Torx, it was also called Torx screw. Torx screws are commonly used in car, motorcycle, bicycle brake systems, hard drives, computer systems and consumer electronics.


Overall Description

Product NameM3 M4 M5 torx head anodized screw
MaterialStainless steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, or based on customers' request
Color Customized
Surface treatmentZinc plating, Ni plating, copper plating, etc
ApplicationBuilding, industry, equipment, etc
PaymentT/T, L/C, Western union, Paypal, etc
Place of originShenzhen, Guangdong, China
Delivery WayBy sea, by air, by express service

OEM M3 M4 M5 torx head anodized screwsheet metal screws M3 M4 M5 torx head anodized screw

M3 M4 M5 torx head anodized screw details

The screw has such a structure that its working performance is the same as that of the bevel. That is to say, the movement along the slope indicates that the rotation of the screw is consistent, and the lifting can prove that the screw shaft is in motion. Therefore, a little force is added in the direction of rotation of the screw, and the axial direction is increased. The screw can be said to be slanted around the rod, and the inclination of the inclined surface is small, and the corresponding pitch becomes small. The inclination of the small slope is strong, and the pitch of the small screw becomes stronger. However, the excessively small pitch is easy to damage when the tooth peak is tightened, and the screw is easily broken. Therefore, the size of the pitch is appropriately determined depending on the method of use or the material and thickness of the rod.

customized manufactured M3 M4 M5 torx head anodized screw


M3 M4 M5 torx head anodized screw production flow

Screws are standardized in the JIS specification. However, it does not mean that all specifications are produced or in stock, and on the other hand, although there are no specifications, they are manufactured according to demand. If the order quantity is over 50 thousands, it can be specially matched. On the contrary, if there are thousands or less, the price is more expensive. 

For example, the screw peaks used in airplanes are American specifications, and the plating is chrome passivation. These are very expensive because the quanity is very small. The screw precision generally used for machines is 6g, 6H. In addition to the small screws used in automobiles, the pitch is usually a large screw.

zinc plating OEM M3 M4 M5 torx head anodized screw

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