Stainless Steel Screws M3 Machine Screw

All Points Fasteners’ pan head self-drilling screws feature a lower profile than oval or round screws, a flat or slightly rounded top and sharp vertical edges. Their unique design is suitable for high-torque installations into wood or metal. Use them for all general purpose applications including construction, HVAC and other installations, roofing and more.

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Product Details

Hydrogen embrittlement risk:

1, Under normal circumstances, products with hardness >32HRC have the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Therefore, all products of grade 10.9 or higher (including grade 10.9) and products subjected to carburization heat treatment (self-tapping screws) will be exposed to hydrogen embrittlement.

2, Hydrogen embrittlement means that when the product is electroplated, H+ enters the inside of the metal to form bubbles, which causes the screw to be on the spot when it is used, but delayed fracture occurs within 24 hours.

3,  the product with hydrogen embrittlement risk within 4 hours after plating, need to be

sent to the hydrogen furnace, stored at 200 degrees Celsius for about 8 hours; this is called dehydrogenation.

4, hydrogen embrittlement treatment can greatly reduce the risk of hydrogen embrittlement, but can not be completely avoided, so in the case of the need to ensure 100% no risk of hydrogen embrittlement, the use of electroplating products is strictly prohibited; and the use of Dacromet, sandblasting and other surface treatment processes .


Overall Description

Product Name Stainless Steel Screws M3 Machine Screw
Size  M3*6 or customized
Material SUS410, SUS316, or base on customers' request
Surface treatment Polishing or custom made
Application Home appliances, electronics, etc

pan head cross recessed screws with washer

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Production Flow

sheet metal screws custom made stainless steel screws


Our competitiveness

metal security screws with washer m3 m4 m5 screw



1. What material can you make?

Aluminum, stainless stell,carbon steel, brass, and so on


2. If I can not find the goods I need on your website. What should I do?

You can send the pictures/photos and drawings of the products you need by email , we will check if we can produce them. We develop new models every month, Or you can send us samples by DHL/TNT, then we can develop the new model especially for you.

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