Stainless steel torx pan head machine screw M3-M8

Stainless steel torx pan head machine screw M3-M8, 304 stainless steel material. Customized size.

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Product Details

Products Details

ItemStainless steel torx pan head machine screw M3-M8
MaterialStainless steel/ carbon steel/ brass/ custom
PackingPlastic bag, carton box, custom
Production time10-20working days
OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)

Please note the drawings of the items with size,material, quantity, so we will quote you ASAP.

The item Stainless steel torx pan head machine screw M3-M8, can be made by Heading-Threading-Heat Treatment-Plating-Salt spray treatment-CCD optical screening QC manual samples check-packing-shipping-sale service. High precision and strength are requested. Customized are welcome.

stainless steel torx pan head machine screw
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torx pan head screw
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screw production processing
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machine screw in PINGOOD

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Hardware screws1. Correct selection of product: Before use, confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product can meet the requirements of use, such as the tensile strength of the screw and the guaranteed load of the nut. The length of the screw must be selected properly to tighten the nut to a distance of 1-2 teeth.2. Before using, check if the threads are rough and whether there are iron or dirt between the threads. These things often cause lock-up.3. The fasteners can be lubricated before use: it is recommended to use grease, molybdenum disulfide, mica, graphite or talc for lubrication, and it is generally used to lubricate anti-locking.

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