CNC knurled steel nut machining parts

CNC knurled steel nut machining parts, Manufacture by PINGOOD. carbon steel/ stainless steel material are customized.

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Product Details

Products Details

ItemCNC knurled steel nut machining parts
MaterialStainless steel/ carbon steel/ custom
PackingPlastic bag, carton box, custom
Production time10-20working days
OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)

Please note the drawings of the items with size,material, quantity, so we will quote you ASAP.

The item CNC knurled steel nut machining parts, can be made by cnc lathe machine. It used in heavy industry area. High precision and strength are requested. Customized are welcome.

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stainless steel knurled nut

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cnc machiningCertificatescertificates of cnc machining parts

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Before the Quotation, please help us to know, as below: cnc brass parts
1.Size drawing (if you have no drawing, please tell us your products detail size and send us your picture.)
2.Material (Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, steel, iron, alloy, zinc etc.)
3.Quantity (If your quantity reach our MOQ the price will be better)
4.Surface treatment (Polishing; Anodize; Nickel, Zinc, Tin, chrome, Silver plating etc.)
6.Packing Term

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