Stainless steel hex flat nut fasteners

Pingood manufacture stainless steel hex flat head nut. customerized size and design.

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Product Details

Products Details

ItemStainless steel hex flat nut fasteners
MaterialStainless steel/ carbon steel/ custom
PackingPlastic bag, carton box, custom
Production time10-20working days
OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)

Please note the drawings of the items with size,material, quantity, so we will quote you ASAP.

The item Stainless steel hex flat nut fasteners, can be made by cnc lathe machine. It used in heavy industry area. High precision and strength are requested.

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Stainless steel hex flat nut fasteners 


machine lathe parts

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cnc machining

Our test machines workshoptest machine room

Packing& shipping

standard packing and shipping for nut

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Self-tapping screw sleeve installation precautions,1. For different machining materials, refer to the hole size specifications for pre-drilling. When the hardness of the corresponding material is high, slightly increase the bottom hole opened in the drilling area. 2. Insert the self-tapping insert completely into the front end of the tool with the slotted end down and perpendicular to the workpiece. When loading (1 to 2 pitch), make sure to align with the bottom hole and never tilt it. When you find a tilt, do not reverse the tool and readjust it before use. When you enter 1/3 to 1/2, you can't come back again. In addition, please do not rotate the tool in the reverse direction, otherwise it will cause product failure.

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